Alfheim 19.6 Tipi review

Review by Poul Hollensted

The Alfheim 19.6 Tipi by Nordisk is absolutely beautiful. We instantly fell in love with the Tipi. From a distance, placed on a field, you can almost hear the elves humming around it. The feeling of absolute freedom is breathtaking. Being so close to nature is a fantastic experience. There is no filter, only one millimeter of cotton fabric between you and the great outdoor.

It’s big

As beautiful as it is from the outside, the inside is impressive. The 19.6 size Tipi is giant, eight people can easily sleep here. But that is not how we use it, we are two people, and have plenty of room to furnish and decorate as we please. The indoor climate is the best I have experienced in a tent. No moisture running down the sides – the Tipi “breathes” and is completely dry inside. The cotton fabric is woven to let air pass through and still be windproof. When it rains, the material tightens, and the Tipi is waterproof.

Easy to setup

Although the Alfheim 19.6 Tipi is significant, it is easy to set up. A single person can set it up in about 30 minutes. The design is brilliant, a single tentpole in the middle, and tent pegs. That is all you need (it comes with the tent ofc.) When visiting a campsite, we need a medium to big spot. The Tipi is 5 meters in diameter and adds another 50 centimeters to straps and tent pegs. 

The Alfheim 19.6 Tipi is even faster to take down and pack into our car. Another reason we like this Tipi so much. It is bulky, but when we travel, most of our other equipment is light and easy to store. And only being two people we can, with planning, fit all our stuff in our – relatively small – vehicle, a Citroen C4 Cactus.


We love it!

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